Bird Houses & Bird Feeders made of Recycled Plastic
Designed with bird watching in mind.
The best bird watching feeders you can buy.


Welcome to Stonewood Manufacturing, Home of the Bird Magnet. We offer a wide selection of bird feeders and bird houses perfect for backyard bird watching.

  • Bird houses & feeders are constructed of recycled milk jugs
  • Looks like wood but is virtually impervious to weather
  • Helps save our natural resources
  • Built to last-Guaranteed!
  • Conserves bird seed
  • Easy to clean

All of our decorative design bird feeders and bird houses are built of 100% post consumer recycled plastic that is completely safe for the birds and helps save our natural resources.

Patented design plans. For years, bird enthusiasts have used hopper style bird feeders to attract chickadees, finches, titmice, and other small perching songbirds. For larger birds, such as cardinals, grosbeaks, and doves, they used platform style bird feeders. Magnet feeders combine both in a patented system that attracts a greater variety of birds than any other single bird feeder.

The trays on the Bird Magnet bird feeders capture seed tossed from the hopper. This reduces seed wasted on the ground and increases feeding efficiency. The result – you feed more birds per dollar of seed. Plus, you get a better view of them feeding.

We build a variety of bird feeders and bird house design plans including; hopper and platform feeders, suet feeders, fly thru feeders, window bird feeders, ground tray feeders and blue bird feeders. Also, bluebird houses, wren and chickadee birdhouses.

Thank you to our corporate client www.gamingsoft.com for their continuous support in our business and believing in our product quality.